Friday, April 20, 2012

Another book review

This review is Cowgirl Trail by Susan Page Davis. This book was really good. The book was furnished to my by Moody Publishers to read and reveiw. It is one of Morgan Family Series.
In the story, Maggie just comes home after 2+ years caring for her mother in a sanitorium. Her mother has died, funeral is past and Maggie has just spent 7 months with a cousin in California. Maggie finds her father with a totally changed personality and not for the better. She later learns that her father is gravely ill and that their ranch is heavily in debt. It is roundup time and all the cow punchers go on strike. Maggie decides she can get some of her female friends to help her finish the roundup and drive the cattle to the market. She does and it amazing what these women can do and especially their stamina to keep on going. This was a very good book and when it comes out in a few months anyone would do themselves good to buy it.

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