Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Book Review: Brush of Angel's Wings

I was given the "Brush of Angel's Wings" written by Ruth Reid, by Thomas Nelson Publishing Company to read and write a review.
This is a book written about the Amish people. I had never read a book by Ruth Reid before, but I will be looking for more of her books. She is an excellent writer.
I like books about the Amish, for their simple way of life and for the fact that they are always clean books. The Amish are a very religious people.
This book is about Rachel Hartzler and Jordon Engles. In Amish country the men do the farm work and the women do the housework. Each Amish girl is taught how to cook, make a garden, can and preserve foods, and sew. They are expected to have learned this by the time they are marriable age. Rachel had reached the age of 21 in the book. But she would rather be out farming with her dad than cooking and sewing. When she prepared a meal it was usually a disaster. She rarely went to quilting or sewing frolics because she did not enjoy sewing and she could not sew well. Her quilting was usually sewed crookedly.
Since her brother had died she had been helping her dad with the farm work. Then an Englisher whose mother was Amish came to the settlement. He was hired by her father to work on the farm with him. Her father sent her to the house to help prepare the meals, etc. The Englisher was also given the grossdaadi haus to live in. She was very disappointed that her father had someone else to help him on the farm and especially that he would be eating meals with them and living just behind their house.
The story develops around the Hartzler family and Jordon Engles. The Hartzler's have had a sad life and it doesn't get much better for them. This is a very good story and I would recommend it to anyone to read.

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