Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I Have Been Hacked!!

I guess this bad thing comes to one and all if you use the internet and email sometime in your life. And I thought I had gotten by for so long, that I was exempt from this. I did not know that my Norton Virus Security would not catch it and keep me safe. So when I went on my email yesterday morning, I had posts from my two older sons, informing me that I had been hacked. The perpetrator had sent a post that said in essence that I was in Dubai! One place I would never ever go! And that my suitcase, credit cards, money, etc had been lifted and I needed money to fly home. Also my passport had been taken but the government was going to let me fly without a passport!! Now no one in their right mind would believe that. Of all the heightened security in the US I just don't think they would ever allow anyone to get back in the US without a passport.
This all took place from my Yahoo email account. I don't use that account for hardly anything. Had some lessons stored there, and some posts that I wanted to keep. That is all gone now along with my address book. My plan is to close that account very shortly and not have yahoo accounts at all. They are so insecure and I always had about 100 posts a day that went to my spam box that I never even saw.
The first thing I did was change my password, so if the person in Nigeria who hacked into my account is reading this: Ha ha, I foxed you! Then I called my ISP provider to see what else I needed to do. The tech said to run a full virus scan. Nothing there from that.
The up side of this, I received phone calls and emails from people I had not talked to or corresponded with in several years, but who were still in my address book. I told one friend who I had not talked to several years that the good part of all this was that he called me and I got to talk to him. He told me some things to do with the Yahoo account that might make it more secure.
So don't ever think that you will never get hacked. It comes to all if we use modern technology.

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