Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Refrigerator

Is there any thing worse than going to get your before bed snack of ice cream and when you take the lid off the Tupperware ice cream keeper, the ice cream is milk? That is what happened at our house last night. Our refrigerator was more than 20 years old. The ice maker had not worked for about a year. I was lucky that I still had 3 ice cube trays. So I became the ice maker. I put water in the ice trays, let it freeze and put in the bin for the ice cubes. Simple!! I just had to remember to dump the ice and put more water in the trays. Luckily we have a refrigerator in the laundry room, so we carted everything down stairs and put it in that refrigerator/freezer. Then this morning early we make a quick trip to Lowe's. Lowe's is the only appliance store we have that sells new, not dented, not scratched appliances.
I had been watching the sale papers Lowe's sends out and had in mind what I wanted. The amazing thing is that a silver refrigerator costs about $1000 more than a solid white refrigerator. For $1000 I can take a white refrigerator.
We were lucky enough to talk the salesman into having the refrigerator delivered today instead of having to wait until tomorrow. That way I did not have to trapise up and down the stairs everytime I prepared a meal. The delivery men were really nice, removed the old refrigerator, and installed the new one all in a matter of minutes. I had planned to steam clean my living room carpet at the door today, so I waited until they left. Now I not only have to clean the carpet at the door but also over in the middle of the room where their dolly got something black on it.
The new refrigerator has made a lot of groans, grunts, pops and strange noises. The instruction booklet says that is normal. I can't wait until tomorrow when I can have ice and cold water from the dispenser in the door. Hope this one lasts twenty years, but I am not counting!

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  1. Good luck with your new fridge! The next time I have a kitchen to design, I'm going back to white appliances. In my opinion, they're the best! :)

    Thank you so much for joining Grace at Home. I really appreciate it. Bless you!


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