Tuesday, June 19, 2012


This past Sunday we celebrated our 55th wedding anniversary. Anniversaries are not all that special to us. And since it was Sunday we did not do anything special. We went to church as usual both Sunday morning and Sunday night. Our congregation prints a calendar each year with all the members' birthdays and anniversaries. We got a few cards from some of the members. Two of our four children were just getting back from their vacations, so we did not expect anything from them. The other two called, and since Sunday was Father's Day they wished their father a happy day.
We like to go out to a restaurant that we would not usually go to for a meal for our anniversary or birthdays. Last night we went with another couple to Cracker Barrel. This was a Cracker Barrel we rarely go to. I think we had eaten there once before. Our server was great and very attentive to us. But we were both disappointed with our meals. I usually know what I can order at Cracker Barrel and have good food. Not so this time. I ordered grilled chicken tenders. The flavor of the chicken was wonderful, but the pieces were so small that I felt I had been cheated on my meal. Hubby ordered breakfast as that is what he usually orders. He had gotten bacon and the serve asked if he wanted it crispy. Well, it was crispy alright! So crispy he could hardly chew it. We were talking after we got back home, that we had not had a good experience with that particular Cracker Barrel the other time we had eaten there.
We went on to a gospel meeting in that town. We have some really good friends who worship with that congregation and we were glad that we could visit with them a little while after church. It was a good day.

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  1. I found your blog from Lisa's link up on Monday. Wow 55 years is a long time. Congrats are definitely in order! Sorry your meal was not that good but at least you had a good day. Happy Anniversary, a little bit late.


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