Friday, June 29, 2012


This time is busy for us. And the weather outside is so hot for our area, so we just stay inside and work on the house, on the computer or read.
I have ordered two quilts to make. Both are backordered so I won't receive them for a while. I am piecing a quilt on the sewing machine. It is Stars in My Enchanted Garden. I have all the star blocks pieced. There are 70, 6 inch blocks. There is strip piecing between the star blocks and between the rows. The quilt has an appliqued border of flowers and leaves. I have the two side strips appliqued and am working on the top and bottom strip. There is also two strips of quarter square trianbles. I am piecing those using Thingles. I am eager to get this quilt pieced so I can put it all together and take a pic of it.

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