Thursday, September 20, 2012

Our Scotland trip

August 28, 2012 we went to Scotland to visit our son, daughter-in-law and grandson. We do not like to have to sit in an airplane for 6-7 hours, but that is the way it is if you are going to Scotland. We arrived the morning of August 29, one hour early! An unheard of event for air travel. We went through immigration, collected our bags, went through customs and made our way to the arrivals area. Our son was not there. After a few minutes I saw him coming from the parking lot. He said it was unheard of for a plane to arrive an hour early. That was just fine with us. We just needed to get somewhere so we could sleep as that flight is always a night flight. Our son took us to his house, and we went to bed for a few hours.

When we got  up, it looked rainy, but then it nearly always does in Scotland. After just a few minutes it started to thunder and lightning. Scotland rarely ever has thunder and lightning, but it seems to have it when we go there. The rain started to look like it had some ice in it. We all went to the windows and it was hailing.

This is the back deck at our son's house with the hailstones on the deck.

This is another pic of some more of their deck.

This is looking out the front window. You can see the ice on the neighbor's newly mowed lawn.

More later about our trip to Scotland.

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