Monday, September 24, 2012

Our Scotland Trip, Part 2

We arrived in Scotland at 6 AM on a Wednesday morning, an hour before our published arrival time. Our daughter-in-law works in Inverness a few days each month. She was scheduled to work up there on Friday of that week. Inverness is one of the northern cities in Scotland. She had reserved rooms in a hotel for them and us in the Best Western Hotel. . You could reserve rooms with breakfast or rooms without. She had reserved rooms with breakfast for us. We had a really huge good breakfast on Friday morning. After she went to work our son drove us to tour Brodie Castle.
This castle had a tour guide, we went with a group of people and she explained the different rooms. Brodie Castle had been an inhabited castle until in the 1990's. The owner had sold the castle to the Scottish Heritage Trust some years before his death and he was allowed to live in it until his death. We were not allowed to take pictures in most of the rooms. But we were allowed to take pictures in the kitchens.

I was really impressed with all the cooking utensils. And the stove was huge!

This was a huge mortar and pestle! I had a very small one in my medicine room when I worked at the nursing home to crush some of the residents medicines. I can imagine a chef having one to crush herbs and spices, but not one that large. I wonder if they crushed some of the grains in this to use in breads or other baking.

This is another wall in the kitchen and another huge cooking stove. The utensils hanging on the wall are all large sized also.

This is another view of the castle as we walked around on the grounds, in the misting rain. More later on other places we visited in Scotland.


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