Monday, October 8, 2012

Our Scotland Trip, Part 4

The first Saturday we were in Scotland, I attended a Ladies' Day at the church where my son preaches. I have known the speaker of the day ever since we have been going to Scotland. She is a grand lady and a great speaker. I got to meet ladies from Scotland and from America. I got to see ladies I have known since visiting Scotland over the years from other congregations whom I would not have been able to see this trip.

The next day trip we took was to see the Queen's yacht that is moored in Edinburgh. It is a much bigger ship than I had thought.
The furnishings in the yacht were not that fancy, but fancier than a normal person would have in their house.
I particularly like this tapestry that was over the queen's bed. Very pretty.

This room they called the honeymoon suite. Prince Charles and Lady Diana used the yacht for their honeymoon and Diana requested a double bed be put in this room. This is the only double bed on the yacht.
This is where my husband's hip and back started hurting him so badly that we found a place to sit and waited for our family to catch up with us.

After we left the yacht, it was mid afternoon and since you enter the yacht from a shopping mall, we looked for a place to find some carry out food so we could eat.

I enjoyed the yacht very much. They had signs along that told of the queen's typical day. She was never on vacation when she was on the yacht, she still had work that had to be done. I have heard that the queen is just a figure head and the prime minister does all the work. From what we read on the yacht she is a very busy lady. Busier than I want to be at my age and she is a good ten years older than me. I have always admired the queen. I remember when she took the throne. My aunt always got magazines and she would give them to us after she had read them. I think it was Ladies Home Journal that had a story with pictures on the queen's  inauguration.

More to come.

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