Saturday, September 29, 2012

Our Scotland Trip, Part 3

After we toured the Brodie Castle, we went to downtown Inverness. There is a kilt shop there that allows you to watch them make the kilts. I bought some fabric a couple of times when we were in Scotland that is our family's tartan. I attempted to make one into a kilt but I did not have enough fabric. So I knew a little about how to make a kilt. When we got to the shop they charged to allow you to watch them. Well, that is not for me. So we looked around a little in that expensive shop and went on back to the car.

We were parked where you could see their city hall building.
It sits on a hill overlooking Inverness and looks like a castle. No, they did not put the city offices in a castle, they built the city hall to look like a castle.

We went drove down to Loch Ness a little way. It was raining and I did not get out of the car.
You can see the raindrops because I took the picture through the car window.
This was some building down on the shores of the Loch. We did not go down there, but it was an unusual building. Notice the grass growing on the roof.
This is some castle ruins that are on Loch Ness. We did not go down to it.

This is looking back up the Loch toward Inverness. Loch Ness is a very big loch, and there is room for a Nessie, if there is one.

After this we went back up into Inverness as it was about time for my daughter-in-law's work day to be over. We drove back down toward Glasgow, looking for a fish and chips shop to have our supper. We found one in one of the small towns just off the main road.

Check back again in a few days for more of our trip.

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