Monday, July 8, 2013

Bargelo Quilt

The bargelo quilt is finished piecing. It is a very heavy quilt without even putting batting in it. My plan is in the next few days to get the batting and backing on it and it will be ready to quilt once colder weather comes.

I am putting the fabric around the edges of the Petals of my Heart quilt. It is a pretty quilt, but it was very small. I had bought the fabric they recommended for the backing knowing that the quilt was going to be small and would need to be made bigger. Don't know how I will quilt it. I don't do stipple quilting. My sewing machine is in the corner of the room and I don't have room to have a lot of fabric on the side. Also I think with the quilt, batting and backing it would be too heavy for my arms to have to move it through the machine. I'll decide something of later. If anyone knows where I can get a white washable ink marking pen, please leave me a note in the comments. The fabric of this quilt too dark to see the blue ink washable pens.

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  1. Your quilt is absolutely beautiful! I really like the frixion pen, It comes in blue, red or black. Here is a listing for one on Etsy...


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