Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Day 1 of 31 Days

Our family: We have 4 children, 4 daughters/son-in-law. We have 9 grandchildren, 2 step-grandchildren, 3 grandchildren-in-law and one great grandchild. The great grandchild lives probably 10-11 hours away from us. We have never driven there from home, have always gone to our daughter's and then on to the granddaughter's. We saw the great granddaughter once when her parents brought her to visit her grandparents who live near us. But thanks to facebook, we are keeping up with her through the pictures that are posted on there. She is a dandy and I would love to be able to hold her and squeeze her. She is at the age that is so sweet right now. Hopefully I can get some pictures of her on here tomorrow.

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