Monday, September 16, 2013

More on the Ice Maker Dilemma

I do have a new ice maker now. A couple of weeks ago I had heard nothing from the repairman, so I decided on that Monday I'd call him just to touch base. I had several things hanging that needed to be taken care of or else deleted. The ice maker was one of them. I was still making ice in my old ice cube trays and dumping them in the icemaker bin. You know those ice cubes are not the same size and shape of the cubes that the ice maker makes. I love crushed ice in my iced tea or sodas. When I tried to crush the ice the frig groaned and carried on so, that I quit trying to crush the ice. The cubes were bigger and thicker than my ice maker made.

So among by "touch base" calls that Monday morning I called the frig repairman. He said he had been planning to call us that day, just to touch base with us. He told him he was still trying to be the ice maker replaced. He said he was going to call the company that day and see what the hold up was. On that Wednesday he called and said the ice maker was in and he would come out at 4:30 that afternoon. I was thrilled it was here, but not so thrilled that he could come that late on Wednesday. On Wednesday evenings we go to church for Bible study, so I have to have supper on time to get everything done and cleaned up in time to leave the house at 6:30 PM. But what can you do? I wanted that ice maker put in. I went ahead and made preparations for our supper. He came early which was a big help to us. It only took him a minute to put the new one in. And the water started running in before he had it completely attached to the freezer. We were happy to have it in. We had been concerned about what he would charge and the price of the ice maker. But if you want your appliances to work, you have to pay the price. When he told us the charges we were pleasantly surprized! It was less than $200 for all his running and his installation and the ice maker itself. I think we came out better still than taking out that extended warranty

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  1. I know you are proud to have ice now. I agree you may have come out better then buying the warranty.


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