Sunday, December 1, 2013

My injured thumb

I did get to work on my future great grandchild's Teddy Bear quilt some tonight. I don't know why but I keep thinking this child is a boy. Call it grandmother's intuition. I thought my first great grandchild would be a girl from the beginning. My husband will tell you I have this uncanny intuition about people. I try not to make my feelings known to any except my very closest family. I can't explain it so I just try to keep it to myself. Except for the great grand babies. So Jared, you might be decorating that nursery a little for a boy.
My thumb is healing fairly well. I am going without a bandaid at home. Just putting one on when I got out in public. It doesn't look so good, so best to keep it covered. I thought this evening when I had a little over an hour, I try the quilting thing again. The last time I got maybe 2inches quilted when I realized I just could not do it. Tonight I got nearly a whole block quilted. I am having to change the way I quilt due to the thumb still being sore. I know now that I can quilt with some improvisions. I just lack 2 blocks and the binding having it finished. Hope to be able to finish it at least the next week.
Happy quilting to you all.

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