Friday, December 20, 2013

My Second Teddy Bear Quilt

I finished quilting my second Teddy Bear Quilt last night. I have not gotten a pic of it yet, but I will soon.

My thumb is progressing. It still has a scab on it, and I have to watch how I am grabbing the needle, but I am learning. I guess it is taking it's time filling in the new tissue.

Last night I started quilting the Derek Lockwood quilt I pieced last year. It is huge. I have not measured it, but I think it must be 110 x 110. I am quilting it on my large hoop frame. It is too big to put in my old timey quilting frames. Therefore it is heavy and difficult to manage, but I will manage it. I am anxious to get enough of it quilted that I can see how it is going to look.

Stay tuned for more coming soon.

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  1. I have more personal experience with those sort of finger injuries than I would like to admit ;) It does take time but once you're past the first few days with all the bleeding you're pretty much past the work of it. Just treat it gently until the skin grows back, maybe keep a bandaid on it while you are sewing ? Good luck :)


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