Monday, April 5, 2010

Our family

We have a rather large family. We all live in different areas of the world, so it is rare that we can all get together for a holiday. This past November granddaughter # 3 got married in Florida the Saturday before Thanksgiving. This made a good time for us to spend Thanksgiving together at our daughter's in Alabama along with her father in law and sister in law. It had been many years since we had all been together at Thanksgiving. Three of the grandchildren were not able to come. Taking a family picture of us all is a feat within itself. Two of our sons had put their cameras on timer and did a good job of getting into the picture. This is the good pictures.

This is the funny pic. Two of our sons set their cameras on timers and then ran and got in the pic. Son #2 dove into the pic and hit my knee that had the replacement in July. The reason for my open mouth!
We all had a good time and good food. Our family all likes to play games, so there were several games going at the same time after lunch. Supper, well that is just grab as grab can. Usually after a huge meal we don't need anything much at supper time.

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