Friday, June 18, 2010

Our 53rd anniversary

Usually we go out to eat at some nice restaurant on our anniversary. But not this anniversary. As we get older we visit doctors more frequently. Dear hubby had pnemonia last winter. After a bout of pnemonia in senior citizens, they are more apt to have it again. So the first of May I thought he was getting pnemonia again. Went to our doctor and it was just Asthmatic Bronchitis. He prescribed the medicines. He, of course, looked at his ears. One eardrum was bulging. He was afraid it would cause him some severe pain. It didn't, but he could not hear out of that ear. So when he went back for his checkup in 10 days, it was still stopped up. He referred him to an Ear Nose Thoart specialist. I had been to one of the doctors a few years ago in that office, but she has since moved away, quit practice or something. The doctor he saw yesterday there was a woman also. She said he had a lot of fluid in that ear. Told him to use one of his regular nose sprays twice a day instead of once, as he does routinely. She told him to hold his nostrils together, mouth shut and blow, like you would if you were in an airplane to open the ears. Well, we yawn to open our ears when we are on a plane! She told him to do this procedure several times a day. She also gave a prescription for Prednisone, 50 mg. That is the highest dosage of Prednisone that I have ever seen! He did the nose blowing several times yesterday and this morning he said he had a little more hearing in that ear. We go back Tuesday and she said she might have to put a tube in his ear. She can do that in her office. I think that is what she thinks she will have to do because she scheduled him to come before office hours.
So with all that we neither had any inclination to go out and eat. We will probably wait until we go to the Outer Banks later this year and find a good seafood restaurant there and pig out.

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