Sunday, August 1, 2010

Still coughing!!

They tell me I have the "hot weather flu". Flu, I don't know about, but hot weather--that's what we have now, so I'll settle with that. I am better. Still some cough but much improved from last week. One of the ladies at church was coughing this morning just like I was Wednesday night. I told her I did not give it to her!
My quilt along is coming along. I am still a week behind today. Tomorrow I will be two weeks behind when Crazy Mom gives us another week's work to do. Can I get caught up this week? I hope so! I wanted to have a pic to show when I wrote next but I need to give it a good press before I do that. It is big enough now that I need to go downstairs to the laundry room to use the ironing board. Won't get that done tomorrow, but hopefully Tuesday or Wednessday.
So have a good week, and look for my quilt pic soon.

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