Friday, November 26, 2010

The Magic Words

When we lived in Finland, I was very surprised about how polite the people were. I thought I had taught my children to say the magic words: Please and Thank You. But had I been using them myself?  Afraid not!! At the shops, you were always told the price of the items you were buying, followed by "please." You gave the clerk the money and repeated "please." Then when she/he gave you your change back, you always said, "Thank you." I have tried to remember this in the 40+ years since we came back to America. Sometimes I forget, but that is usually when my mind is preoccupied with something else.

I love to tell the girls at the self serve registers at Walmart, when they tell me to have a good day, to wish them a good day also. I try very hard to say "please" when I need help at the self serve register and "thank you" after the girls have helped me. These people work so hard to make my experience with Walmart a bit better. I know how standing on your feet all day, with just a short time to be able to sit down feels like.

So try being courteous to the sales people where you shop and see what a difference it will make in their day as well as  yours!

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  1. Hi Barbara...thank you for the blog info. I love it. So refreshing! Thank YOu for the reminder to be courteous! Wonder if you got snow. Also, I love the story along with your recipe. I will let you know when my hubby makes it! Have a nice weekend.


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