Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Thanksgiving is nearly upon us. We will not be having any quests or family this year, but I do plan a special meal for us.

Thanksgiving to me, is a time for family and close friends to be together to enjoy food and fellowship. I remember when our children all came home for Thanksgiving, that the games came out after lunch and all the kids had a good time playing them. Since our children came home on Thanksgiving and went to their in-laws for Christmas we always had the two holidays together. Ohh, the grandchildren could not wait for dinner to be over with so they could open their gifts.

Thanksgiving, as a national holiday, is a time for us to have a day off, or weekend off, to be thankful for our country, for our service men and women who are willing to go to foreign lands to protect our country and our freedoms. We need to especially remember our service men and women in Iraq, Afghanistan and other foreign lands this year. We should be especially thankful that they are willing to give themselves for our freedom.

Now let's all enjoy that turkey, lamb, or pork or whatever we are having, watch the parades on TV and of course, the ballgames afterward.

Be thankful that we have a country where we can worship God without being molested for our religious acts.

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