Saturday, January 15, 2011

Quilted Sweatshirt, Part Three

The sweat shirt is actually  finished, washed like the pattern said to do it. But that will come later.
For me the most difficult thing about the sweatshirt was the machine quilting. I am not a machine quilter!! For me it is difficult to move the shirt around on the sewing machine. This pattern instucted you to just do squiggily lines across and up and down. So that was easier, but the sweatshirt material is not easy to move around under the pressure foot.
Seen here is one of the sleeves after I had quilted it. On the darker pieces you can see the quilting stitches.
These are the pieces pinned on the back (or front, can't remember which now). These are then quilted on as the sleeve was.

After the sleeves, back and front are quilted, you are instructed to go back and add more of the pieces to the sleeves, back and front. What I tried to do was cover up where so much of the sweatshirt material was showing. I added smaller pieces on the larger pieces. Then quilted them on, trying to stay within the pattern that had been quilted on previously. I had more ample pieces cut from the fat quarters left over. . I will put these in my stash for other projects later. More on the finished product later.

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