Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cathedral Window Quilt

I have made a quilt for each of my grandchildren when they were born. Back then I did not take or keep pictures of those quilts. I did not have a digital camera at that time.

Then as the grandchildren grew up and got married, I made a quilt for each of them for a wedding present. I have made Cathedral Window quilts for all of the grandchildren except one. I was quilting a Eureka quilt at that time and knew I did not have time to finish it and make a Cathedral Window quilt in time for his wedding. So he got the Eureka quilt. Now I need to make me a Eureka quilt again as I really liked that quilt.

So our fifth grandchild is getting married in December. I have finished his Cathedral Window quilt now.
This is the folded quilt. I did not spread it out to take a pic of it. I should have. I hope his bride likes it. It is mainly in greens and pinks.

At present I am quilting one of Derek Lockwoods quilts. I will get a pic of it when I get it quilted. I bought the batting from Keepsake Quilting, my favorite quilt catalog. The batting is made from plastic bottles. It is easy to work with and you do not need to have the quilting stitches so close together. I already had the stitching marked on the quilt when I purchased the batting, so I am quilting it close together, like I always do. More pics of it will be forthcoming.

Happy quilting!!


  1. The quilt is beautiful!

    Hope your little package arrives soon!

  2. This is a beautiful quilt!! I would love to recieve something so special. I have the napkins from my sister's wedding to be made into a quilt but I just can't get motivated. They had their 1 year anniversary last month! lol. Maybe for their 1st child I will finish it.


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