Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Civil War Quilt, Block of the Month, part 2

Yesterday my second block of the month arrived. The first block had been shipped Feb. 8 and since it was way past that date in March, I called Keepsake Quilting to see if it had been backordered also. The nice lady told me it evidently had been, as it has not been "ticketed" to my account. I was hoping to receive it before we go on a trip the first part of April. I knew I needed something to keep my hands busy while spending time each day in a hotel. So I was pleasantly surprised when our mail arrived yesterday to receive a package from Keepsake Quilting.
This is the second of the blocks. Actually it is 4 blocks, that attach to the sides and ends of the first month's block. I cut out all the pieces and labeled them and have them in a bag to take with us in April. Now I just need to remember to put in thread, needle, thimble and scissors. I am excited to make these blocks. I hope I don't get antsy and start them before the trip!
The lady I talk to at Keepsake Quilting said the Civil War quilt was one of their most purchased quilts. She said they were always backordered on it.
When we get back home, after I get these 4 blocks pieced, pictures will be forthcoming.

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