Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Time Flies

Seems like time either flies or it just drags along. We were planning a trip to Kentucky, Mississippi and Alabama a few weeks ago. Just days before we were to leave we had some plumbing problems, like a leak under the kitchen sink. We thought it was either a leak from the garbage disposal or hopefully not a drain leak. Never thought it was a leak from the cold water pipe. Of course, we HAD to get that repaired before we left home. Got a plumber and it was the cold water pipe. So he replaced that.
Then that evening our commode would not quit running. We thought it needed the insides of the tank replaced, but we had no time left to get a plumber and have to wait for one to come. So we just turned the water off to that commode and left. Then when we got home, a dear dear friend who is a contractor came to the house the next morning, commode innards in hand and replaced it.
Now we have another trip planned,  north this time. I have the second block of the Civil War quilt cut out and in a plastic bag to take with me to stitch in the hotel. I am really getting antsy to get started on it, but I just sit on my hands and tell myself to have patience! I am quilting the Derek Lockwood quilt that I appliqued last summer. It is nearly half way quilted now. Pics will come when it is finished.
We had some really nice spring days a couple of weeks ago. I got a plat of lettuce plants and put in my huge flower pots. Most of our garden has to be put in flower pots because of the shade in our yard and the smallness of our lot. We just don't have room or sun to have a real garden. Tomato plants will be planted when the weather gets a little warmer.
Just wanted to touch base. Have a good week.

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