Monday, June 13, 2011

House Repairs, Number 3; Block of the Month # 4

We spoke with the contractor doing the work on our back porch yesterday. He said the building supply company he had ordered the floor joists from had told him the ones that arrived were not what he ordered. He had ordered 2 by 8 inches joists, weather treated. What they sent was 2 by 6 inch joists. So we play the waiting game and hope whoever reads the order gets it correct this time and sends the right boards!

Also I received Month number 4 of the Block of the Month quilt. I have the pieces cut out and the pieces for the Half Square Triangles pinned to the pattern, ready to stitch on the sewing machine. I got several of the Square in a Square pieces stitched last night as I watched Jackie Evanco's presentation on PBS. Isn't that little girl a wonder!! Just a good singer!

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