Friday, June 10, 2011

House Repairs, Post Number 2

The back porch repairs are coming along, but not as we expected. When the workers starting busting up the concrete, they found it was about ten inches thick!! We were really surprised it was so thick. That is too thick to bust up and remove. The contractor suggested just putting the floor joists on top of the concrete. We agreed that that had to be only thing we could do. So they took out the concrete blocks on the foundation that were bulging toward the south and east and replaced them. Then they replaced the concrete they had removed. We have lots and lots of head room, so it will be okay for the floor to be 8-9 inches higher than the present one.
We had planned to put a wood floor in any way and put outdoor tiles on top of that. So at present we are waiting for the concrete to cure and then start with the floor joists. He is going to put them on a 12 inch center so the porch floor will be very strong.
I have not taken any pictures. It is such a mess with where they have dug out and the present floor is just a horrible looking sight. When it starts to look good, pictures will come.
We are heading into the weekend. It is very hot here right now. Hope everyone can stay cool and enjoy the weekend. Maybe these water lilies will help to cool you some.

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