Tuesday, October 18, 2011

31 dayers: Day 18--Our country

Our Country
Our country is the best in the world. Even with all the faults of our policians in Washington, we are better than any other country.
We lived in Europe for a while. We traveled by ship there and back. When we left New York harbor to go to Europe, we had to go to the dining room immediately to eat lunch. We did not get to see the Statue of Liberty as we sailed out. When we came home we entered New York harbor in the morning. Just seeing Lady Liberty was something within itself! After having been out of the United States for several months, Lady Liberty was really a welcome sight. It brought tears to our eyes to see her.
Our country is in a mess right with all the excess spending in Washington at present. Hopefully within the next year we will be able to elect more conservative leaders and get our country back in its coveted position of Number One Country in the world.

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