Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Day

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day, a day our country has set aside to be thankful for the freedoms we have. It is a day when families get together to eat turkey or ham and just enjoy each other. I well remember our Thanksgiving Days of years past. Since our children all lived in different areas from us, and one in another country, we had Thanksgiving and Christmas at the same time. That way our children could stay at home on Christmas or go to their in-laws. I well remember how excited the grandkids were to be opening Christmas presents and could hardly wait until we got lunch over with and the dishes cleaned up to get into those wrappings.
Now the grandkids are all grown and either married, in college or nearly so and they have interests of their own so we do not get together on Thanksgiving. So tomorrow my husband and I will eat our turkey breast and dressing and watch Macy's parade and a ballgame if there is one on TV.
Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Remember while you are feasting that we live in the greatest and best country on earth. Remember all our military people who are fighting on foreign soil and thank God for their willingness to do so, so that we can still be a free nation. Remember our forefathers and what they gave up to make our country free.

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