Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I have really enjoyed watching my amaryllis bloom. Each bulb has had 2 flower stalks. The two end bulbs in the planter were red. The center bulb was white, with a double bloom. When the white ones started blooming they got so heavy that they turned the planter over. I had turned the planter each day so the bloom stalks would be straight and not leaning to the light. When the white ones bloomed they were so heavy, that they drooped. I got up one morning and the planter had fallen over and was laying on its side. No dirt had been spilled. I set it back up and put my pedestal cake holder in front of the planter to hold it up. Then when I noticed the stalks leaning over, I propped them up, one on my ice tea maker, which is tall and the other on my pitcher that goes to the ice tea maker.

The one white flower bloomed out.

The one white flower with one red one.

A close up of the first white flower that bloomed.
I have the instructions to keep the bulbs over until next year and hopefully I'll be able to have them blooming next Christmas.
I purchased these bulbs from Plow and Hearth from Charlottesville, Va. 

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