Saturday, January 14, 2012

Blooming flowers in the winter months

My amaryllis has been a real joy and a bright spot in our kitchen the past month. I always buy a poinsettia each December and hope I can keep the red leaves on it until spring. The one I got last year (2010) still has a few pink leaves on it. Usually they have all dropped off  before spring comes. I think bright flowers blooming in the house during the winter months is so uplifting for us.
I remember when we lived in Finland in the late 1960's that you always had a blooming plant in your house during the winter. The winters were so dark all day long, and that bright spot of color really helped uplift your spirits. You also bought bright colored curtains or upholstery for your furniture. Finns have more depressions during the winter months than any country on earth.
I always look forward to spring and the blooming flowers coming up and blooming again. Spring is my favorite time of year.
My jonquils are up about two inches. But I have to explain that. They were covered with about four inches of leaves. When the leaves were removed when we had our yard raked in November, there they were. I noticed that my neighbor's lilies are up about that much also.
We have much to look forward to with the beautiful flowers this spring.

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