Monday, January 16, 2012

Plan for our house for 2012

Seems like if you own your house there is always some improvements to be done. I know there is here at our house. Last year our foundation under our back porch was cracked and shifting badly. So that had to be replaced. We ended up getting a room instead of a porch out of that project. And that is great. We did not get to use it much during last fall but we did enjoy it.
Just this past month we had to have a huge oak tree cut out of the front yard. It was over the house and there was moss growing on the roof, so that had to go. The tree measured 48 inches in diameter when they got it cut down. We had a yard full of branches! We gave all the wood to some men if they would just remove it all. They did a good job of getting it taken care of.
This year the front stoop is sinking. So that has to be taken care of when the weather gets warm. Don't know yet what we will do for a stoop, but our contractor just lays awake at night dreaming up what he can do with projects like ours. He'll have some ideas.
So this is just a few things that we plan to do to improve out house this year.

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