Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer Doldrums

Yes, I think that is what I have. I just have not had any desire to blog. I am still quilting though. I have one quilt almost finished piecing. It is Stars in My Garden. I just lack the outside border of half square triangles and then a border of plain white material. Pics will be coming later.
I ordered another block of the month quilt. But I surely did not know what I was getting into on this one. I love to applique quilts. This one is a small quilt, but I ordered the backing that matched it and thought I could put it around the quilt itself and make it bed sized. It will be a beautiful quilt. It is Bali materials. But the applique is iron on. It is flowers and more flowers. And the pieces are so small these old fingers of mine have a difficult time getting the ironon applique paper off the material to iron it on. Then some of the pieces are so small they don't stick very well. It showed machine stitching around the inside of each piece. I think they meant to do that when you were quilting but if I keep the pieces where they are supposed to be, I have to do it now. So I iron on a few pieces and then go to the sewing machine and stitch them on. I had a terrible time finding which foot would allow me to see what I was doing. I think the foot I finally decided on that was the best is an applique foot. Pics of this coming soon. They sent three blocks to start with. I have one completed and another one almost completely finished and and a little done on the third one. Now it is time to get another bunch of blocks in the mail.
Just wanted you to know, I am still here.

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  1. You are so patient! And it's so hot just now it's hard to think about handling all that fabric! :) I'm so anxious for the cooler weather to quilt again. Waiting for your pictures. You do beautiful work.


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