Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The New Prince

So the new prince was born yesterday in London. Seems that everyone in London is at the palace waiting for his first appearance. BUT his parents will come out the same door that Princess Diana came out at the hospital with Prince William so many years ago. People are betting about what his name will be. I find that really amusing. The parents are going to name him, no matter what the bookies say. And I'd bet they already have his names picked out. I think most new parents have names partially picked out way before the baby is even conceived. Now they don't always stick to those names, but they have a list of names they really like. Well all except my granddaughter, who could not pick out names for her dolls. Forgive me Ashley. She does have a nice name picked out for her baby who will be making her appearance any day now.

I worked for a period of time in the OB section of the hospital in the town where we lived years ago. Since I was a licensed nurse I worked mostly in the nursery. We had at the most 3 people working in the nursery: the head nurse, a nursing assistant and me. The nursing assistant cared mostly for the well babies. I got the sick babies. I loved my time in OB. The nursing assistant that worked mostly on the days I worked told me to watch the change of the moon. She said there were more babies born a couple of days before to a couple of days after a new moon or a full moon. I thought that was an old wives' tale, but I started noticing the number of babies we had on a given day. We had to wear scrub dresses, so we all had a locker right outside the OB wing of the hospital to change from street clothes to scrubs. We would go into the OB hallway from an outside hallway and come out right in front of the nursery. Of course, we all glanced as we hurried by to get "clean" before going on to do our duties. I starting noticing that there were more babies on the new moon and full moon changes that any other time. Why? I have no idea. But the moon controls the tides of the ocean, so why can't it control the tides of the human body.

Another thing I learned years later when I went from newborn nursing to nursing home nursing. The confused residents are more active just before a new moon or a full moon. I worked night shift for about 1 1/2 years. I had begun to notice the moon changes before I went to work to predict what kind of night we would have. On those nights just before, during and just after a new moon or full moon we were really busy keeping confused residents in bed. Then one month an older nursing assistant I had who was worth her weight in gold, told me we were headed for a blue moon. Okay again I think, "old wives' tale". Especially from her. She said she would see a wispy fog like thing outside the door of a resident who would pass away soon. She had all the new young nursing assistants scared to death to walk down a dark hall by themselves. One even asked me if there were ghosts. I told I did not believe in ghosts, but if I ever saw one I would be a believer.

 So back to the blue moon. You have heard songs about blue moons. So again I did not believe her. But she told me a blue moon was when there were two new moons or two full moons in a given month. She said the residents would really be bad on that moon change. Sure enough that month when the blue moon came we were really busy! The residents were up or on their call  lights all night long.

The moon is an interesting study. How it affects our psyche is quite interesting. Do a google or bing search for blue moon and start your study.

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  1. Interesting thoughts. I think that all wives tales are somehow steeped in truth.


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