Monday, August 5, 2013

More about that new refrigerator

May 2, 2012 I blogged about our new refrigerator. We have never taken out the extended warranty on any appliance we have ever bought. And we have come out ahead because of that. So daughter and son-in-law were here over a week ago. Before that two of our children and their spouses were here for a weekend the last of June. So after our daughter was here I thought I'd check the ice cube bin and see if the ice needed to be leveled so it would hold more. To my surprise it was almost empty! Put my finger in the ice cube freezer gizmo and it was dry as could be. Then I lifted the bar up and down a couple of times and it did not run water in. So we call our handy dandy jack of all trades friend. Turns out they knew as much about an ice maker as I did. Now our warranty had expired about May 5, 2013. Always happens! If something is going to tear up it is always after the warranty has expired. Our friend told us a refrigerator repairman to call. My husband called him and he said to take a "foam cup and fill the ice cube maker yourself." He told us to wait 3 hours and see if it froze ice. We did that and it did freeze ice. But 9 hours later it had not dumped the ice. So we called him back. His reply: "Call me in the morning." Just like the old adage of calling the doctor, "take 2 aspirin and call me in the morning."
The next morning my husband wanted to me call him. A woman can usually do better with a repairman than a man. So I called. He wanted us to take the ice maker out of the frig and bring it to him! I told him we could not see anyway to get it out. He said, "Well, there's just two little screws holding it. Just unscrew them and bring it to me." I told him we could not see any little screws. I got aggravated with him and hung up. I called Lowe's where we bought the frig and asked them to recommend a frig repairman. They gave we several numbers, some of the numbers were not local. So what do you do when you really need a repairman? No, I don't go on Angie's List. I went to the yellow pages. The first local number did not answer. After all it was 8 AM. But he did call back later and told me he was having trouble with his cell phone. At least he called back. Called the next local number. Told the man what I wanted. He said he'd be here at 10:30. Then he called before 9:30 and said he had finished sooner than expected and he was on his way. Great! He examined some things on the frig and told us he had an appointment to get new brake shoes on his truck and he would come back Monday morning. He wanted us to leave the wire down in the ice making position for 2 hours and call him. We did that and nothing had happened. We told him we had to be out of town Monday morning, so he said he would come back Tuesday.
When he came Tuesday morning he took the ice maker out and took it with him. He called back and said we needed a new ice maker and asked if the warranty was still effective. He told us anymore he took out the extended warranty on refrigerators and washers. He said he'd have the new ice maker by the next Tuesday (tomorrow).
In the meantime I had 3 ice cube trays that I keep just in case I need them. I got them out and I have frozen ice in them and dumped it in the ice bin. I am looking forward to tomorrow when hopefully, I will have a new ice maker. I'll probably be several hundred dollars poorer, but at least, I 'll have ice!


  1. Repairmen and warranties are never a good combination, hope your fridge is fixed up soon!

    1. The ice maker is still on back order. I'm thinking this was a new model and Whirlpool had not proofed it first. My repairman says he is still trying to get shipped, but they have none. So we wait, and I keep using those old ice trays I have kept for years.


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