Wednesday, September 11, 2013

This and That

I have been very negligent in keeping up with this blog. I have been piecing another baby quilt for another great grandchild due this winter. I have the Derek Lockwood quilt put together with the batting and backing ready for cooler weather to come. Our summer had been so cool until a few weeks ago that I had thought several times of getting my quilting hoop on a frame out and starting to quilt it. We did finally get summer and now I am glad I didn't get the hoop out as it would just be in the way.

The baby quilt I quilted for our first great grandchild has been delivered. I had made her an heirloom dress also, that was delivered to her. I have made several heirloom dresses but I think I have made my last one. Our fabric shop went out of business and I only have Walmart now to purchase fabric locally and Walmart just does not have a good selection. The fabric shop I went to in the next town did not have a good selection of laces, or did not have that many that I could afford. Then also I just had a difficult time getting this dress made.

This is a pic of the dress after I got it finished. It turned out pretty good. It is a size 18 months. I always made them bigger because newborns get so many clothes that are a small size that they can't possibly wear them all. This way with a bigger size they have something to look forward to for later. Well, their parents do.

This is a pic of our little bundle. She is surely sweet. She was a small baby as was her mother.

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